Lease End Options

We would like to make your Lease Return process smooth and efficient!

If you have any questions, our leasing professionals are here for you! Below are the most common end of lease options:


Option 1: Lease A New Vehicle

The most popular end of lease option is to lease a new vehicle. With great lease loyalty programs, you can get into a brand new vehicle for the same or even lower payment than you had before!
Take advantage of these incentives when leasing a new vehicle:

  • Lease loyalty offers
  • Sign & Drive lease options
  • 1-Pay lease options
  • End your lease early with lease pull-ahead offers

Option 2: Purchase A New Vehicle

Another popular option at lease end is to purchase a new vehicle. We have huge selection of new vehicles in inventory on over 17 acres of the Hoselton Auto Mall complex. Shop over 3,000 vehicles including new Toyota, Chevrolet, and Nissan models!
Take advantage of these incentives when purchasing a new vehicle:

  • 0% financing available on select models
  • Factory incentives including rebates and bonus cash
  • The Hoselton Advantage included with every new vehicle purchase
  • 90 days to first payment

Option 3: Purchase Your Vehicle

Do you absolutely love the vehicle you’re in right now? Then purchasing your current lease is a good option for you. We will handle the DMV and sales tax collection for you!
Take advantage of these options when purchasing your current leased vehicle:

  • Traditional and special financing options available
  • Re-lease your vehicle (a balloon loan program)
  • Purchase an extended warranty

Option 4: Turn In Your Vehicle

Another option at your lease end would be turn in your leased vehicle. We will help you with a pre-inspection and taking in your vehicle at the end of your lease.
Bringing your lease agreement, any recent inspection reports, spare keys, vehicle manual and your maintenance records on the vehicle can be helpful in expediting your lease return. Your lender may charge you for missing items such as spare keys or other equipment that came with the vehicle. REMINDER: If you purchase wear & tear coverage and have received a bill for excess wear and tear, you must submit the claim within 30 days of your lease turn in. See your contract if you any any questions. Next steps when turning in a leased vehicle:

  • Schedule a pre-inspection
  • Schedule lease turn in
  • Did you purchase excess wear & tear coverage? Submit your claim within 30 days of lease turn in.
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Instructions for Scheduling Your Lease End Pre-Inspection

Are you ready for your lease end? Please find the company that your vehicle was leased from below and follow the instructions to schedule your vehicle pre-inspection.

Toyota Financial

Contact our independent vehicle inspection company, DataScan, to schedule an appointment for an optional pre-inspection. Call 1-855-40-MY-TFS or visit to schedule the appointment online.

We recommend scheduling the pre-inspection to take place 15-60 days prior to your scheduled lease-end date.

Nissan Financial

Before your lease expires, contact the Nissan Lease Customer Network at 1-800-778-4211 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Central Time to set up a complimentary vehicle inspection. This inspection may help you avoid a wear-and-use charge for items that may be covered by your insurance policy (such as a damaged windshield). And it will help you decide what to do with your leased vehicle.

This inspection takes approximately 30 minutes, and can be done at your Nissan Dealer, your home, or your place of business. It will be performed using a laptop computer, and the results will be printed immediately after the inspection. The inspector will review the report with you and address your questions. You will be given a copy of the condition report. A second copy will be left in your vehicle, and should remain in the vehicle until the time of return.

Should your vehicle’s condition change prior to its return due to repairs or additional damage, another inspection will be necessary. To schedule your re-inspection, please call the Nissan Lease Customer Network.

To learn more about the vehicle inspection process (including conducting your own inspection) and to see examples of Normal and Excess Wear and Use, please view the Wear and Use Guide.

Ally Financial

A vehicle inspection will be completed by the dealership or a third-party inspection company, in as few as 5 days of returning your vehicle.

An inspection is typically used to determine if you have fulfilled your contractual obligations related to mileage and wear.

Although an inspector hired by Ally will typically inspect your vehicle if you return it, you can have an independent inspection company inspect it first. You can avoid excess charges by having any damage repaired before you return your vehicle. If you don’t have your vehicle repaired, we’ll send you an invoice showing the amount you owe for excess wear.

GM Financial

To schedule your complimentary vehicle inspection, contact DataScan at 1-800-556-2811 or schedule online at where you will enter your full VIN and lease account number.

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