Top 10 Services Under $25

Maintain Your Vehicle for Less!

Here are our top 10 most popular services under $25! Add these services on to your service appointment at any Hoselton Auto Mall Service Department!

Tire Rotation – $21.95

Extend the life of your tires with regular tire rotations! Tire rotations promote even wear and prolonged tread life which in return improves gas mileage and provides a smoother ride. This service includes 4-wheel rotation.

Wiper Blades or Inserts – $24.95 or less

It’s time for new wiper blades when: there are signs of wear, cracks, or they are leaving water or streaks.
*Blades or inserts are subject to vehicle model. Includes windshield only.

RainX – $11.95

Improve your driving visibility in the rain, sleet and snow. This service includes treatment on all windows and windshield.

Air Filter – $24.95

Your air filter plays an important role in the performance of your vehicle by capturing dirt, dust and debris before it enters your engine. Changing your air filter when needed will improve acceleration and engine performance.

Battery Service – $24.95

Regular battery maintenance will help extend the life of your battery. This service includes cleaning and removal of corrosion.

Touch Up Paint – from $10.95

Do you have minor paint chips or scratches that you would like to repair? Use our color-matched factory touch up paint to repair these imperfections before the exposed metal begins to rust.
*Paint stick model may be more.

Alignment Check – from $24.95

Is your car pulling to one side? Are your tires wearing quickly or unevenly? Get an alignment check now to save you money in the future!

This service includes a digital computerized alignment check. There is NO CHARGE for the alignment check if you need and have an alignment completed at Hoselton.

Fuel Additive or Oil Additive – $19.95 each

Fuel and oil additives keep your vehicle’s engine performing at it’s best! The fuel additive improves fuel economy and cleans injector deposits. The oil additive prevents engine oil oxidation and thickening.

Key Fob Battery – $10 or less

Your key fob battery should be replaced every 2 years OR when you are experiencing decreased signal strength which will cause your key fob to not work from longer distances.

Carpet Vacuum and Dash Cleaning – $19.95

Includes interior carpet vacuuming (front and rear) and wiping down of entire dashboard.
*Does not include: removing any articles from the vehicle other than floor mats/disposal of loose trash, deep cleaning, scrubbing or removal of heavy soiling.

*Pricing for these services are for Nissan models only. Other brands may be more.