Car Sales: What’s in it for you?

July 3rd, 2017 by

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I recently read an article titled: Why Car Sales Should Be Your First Job After Graduation (by Frank J. Lopes for Digital Dealer). This excerpt reminded me of a recent CNBC show about student loan debt in crises:

“The National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) projects that nearly 2 Million students will be graduating at the bachelor’s degree level as the Class of 2015. (FAQ) Consider the fact that nearly 71% of graduates this year are bringing home an average of just over $31,000 in student loan debt and only 17% of last year’s graduating class had a job lined up before graduation. (The Class of 2015…) To put this in terms we can all understand, almost every kid that graduated this year is leaving their commencement ceremony personally upside down.” ~ Frank J. Lopes for Digital Dealer

The author also pointed out that hiring recent college graduates could be a win-win for auto dealers and recent grads alike. In order to be a win-win there has to be something in it for both of us…

What’s in it for you?

At Hoselton we want to attract and retain the best employees. To do so, we have a great list of training, tools and benefits that we offer employees. The nature of the sales consultant position also promotes personal growth and builds many business skills.

Communication & Negotiation: From lead to sale, clear communication is needed to find the right vehicle for your customer, work with your manager and completing the deal. Through daily experiences you will learn how to communicate effectively with customers, co-workers and management of your company while building your negotiation skills.

Confidence: With training and experience, you will become more confident in your product, your presentation and yourself. You will become comfortable walking up to a stranger, starting a conversation and helping them find the perfect vehicle.

Product Knowledge & On-Going Training: Become an expert in your product! We will give you the training and tools to talk intelligently about our increasingly technology-based product line. Our vehicles are changing with every new model year and now include features such as wi-fi, bluetooth and smartphone apps.

Access to the Newest Technology & Tools in The Automotive Field: We provide a dynamic work environment where the tools of the trade are ever changing. You will be trained to use all the latest technologies including smartphone and tablet applications and dynamic web tools that will aid in your selling efforts.

We Provide the Tools Needed to Succeed:
A comprehensive marketing plan to drive sales opportunities.
Millions of dollars of inventory.
Paid training to learn all the fundamentals of car sales.
Learn how to use the latest in customer management software to help you engage customers in dealership, on the phone and online.

In-House Marketing Department: Our in-house marketing department plans and executes our advertising initiatives every month. As a sales consultant, you can utilize this team to assist you in putting together direct mail campaigns, ordering promotional products or learn about the power of social media to grow your customer and fan base.

Financial Rewards: Your financial rewards are only limited by your personal desire and ability to learn and grow. The average sales associate made $63,995 last year PLUS bonuses and perks from Toyota, Nissan, and GM that could total in the ten’s of thousands. Not only are you rewarded for your sales efforts but there are also additional rewards for superior customer interaction skills.

Benefits: Benefits of full-time employment at Hoselton Auto Mall include generous paid time off (PTO), 401k and profit sharing plans second to none in the greater Rochester area. We offer major medical insurance coverage. As a dealership employee, you will also receive discounts on service, parts and vehicle purchases.

Advancement Opportunities: There are many advancement opportunities in financial services and sales management.  I am also an example of an employee working their way up from the sales department into my current position as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

In summary, the stereotypical loud, plaid coat wearing, stand out front smoking, “old school” sales reps are gone. The automotive industry is keeping up in this modern age with new training processes, technology based vehicles, digital customer management systems and internet advertising.

One very important “old school” expression that never changes is “good people make a difference”. Our employees are our greatest asset in this customer-centric, information-driven business.

If you feel like you can be a difference maker, I invite you apply and find out more about this win-win opportunity!

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Steve Carroll
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Hoselton Auto Mall